Music Studio Relocation

Your music studio is special to you. It’s where you create and possibly even record the amazing music that you make with your incredible talents. It’s also the home of a lot of delicate instruments and electronic devices that need extra care when they are moved. When you are ready to relocate your recording space to your new Chattanooga home or business, you can be confident in trusting the moving experts at Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga to do it for you.

Moving Musical Instruments

You may have keyboards, guitars, and other musical instruments in your music studio that are delicate and need extra care when they are moved. While you probably have cases for them, perhaps even hard-shelled cases, you may need extra packing material to further protect them. At Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga, we are experts at handling fragile items and will take every step to ensure that your delicate instruments arrive safe and sound in your new music studio.

Sensitive Music Studio Equipment

The recording equipment you have in your music studio is very sensitive too. Our professional movers know how to carefully pack and wrap all of the equipment in your music studio to protect it throughout your move so it’s ready to use when you relocate. Even if you don’t have the original boxes for your equipment, Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga can help, by providing all the professional quality padding, packing material, and boxes you will need. We will also wrap and pack your equipment for you, if you’d prefer that we do all the work!

We Understand Your Needs

Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga is locally owned and operated by professionals who understand your music studio relocation needs. We know that the music you make is special to you and to your family or clients. Our expert movers will wrap and pack your music studio items carefully and thoroughly and transport them safely and securely to your new studio, so you can continue making music in your new home or business.

Let Our Movers Handle Your Music Studio Relocation

The professional team at Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga is ready to help with your music studio relocation. We also offer short-term and long-term storage for music studio items that you may want to place in safekeeping for a while.

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