Hospital Movers

Whether you are in a small hospital or a larger facility, moving your healthcare operations to a new location can be a long, complicated process. You and your staff must prepare your team and your equipment, while engaging in detailed planning and communication to ensure that all involved are safe and healthy throughout the entire process. The expert movers at Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga are ready to help you with professional services when it’s time to relocate your medical facility.

Detailed Planning

You are not just moving an office. You have patients, medical equipment, office and clinical furniture, electronics, and many other items to pack and move safely and efficiently. You need a detailed plan to ensure the care of your patients is uninterrupted and that your staff is kept informed throughout the moving process. At Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga, we are professionals with the expertise you need to help you develop a realistic plan for the logistics and communications involved in moving your hospital.

Careful Packing and Protection

At Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga, we are experts at padding, protecting, and packing delicate equipment and other fragile items. We realize that you need hospital movers who will take the utmost care with your electronics, lab equipment, and other items that need top quality care and transport, so they arrive in your facility safely, ready for you to use for your patients’ care. We are locally owned with extensive experience in packing and transporting delicate and fragile items.

Hospital Equipment Storage

Your new facility may not be ready or have the space immediately available for all of your current furniture, equipment, and hospital items. Storing items temporarily may help ease your transition to your new hospital building. The professional hospital movers at Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga have the solution for you in our climate-controlled, secure storage facility. We can store your items for a day or for a year or more.

Hospital Moving on Your Schedule

We know you can’t predict when you may have downtime in your hospital. You have to work around your patients’ needs, as they are definitely your first priority. At Fox Moving and Storage Chattanooga, we work around your schedule. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you move your hospital safely and seamlessly.


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